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Why multiple link colors?

Are there any functional reasons whatsoever to manipulate link colors in HTML pages?

Yes, there are.
Lets say you've got different sections in your site, like this site, multiple link colors can be a fine way to distinguish between those sections. To have multiple link colors can be a fine way to tell the visitor whether it's an internal link or an external link and distinguish among different types of links.
We can do it by manipulating links appearence with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).
However, Netscape lower than ver. 6 doesn't support the hover selector. So the effect will not take place in those Netscape versions.

This can be sensitive stuff. So before you do anything else on your pages, test it and re-test it with just two or three link colors till you get the hang of it.

Sample: (Don't click - they are dead-ends)

Link color 1 | Link color 2 | Link color 3


Netscape versions lower than 6.0 will display the default color (red) on :active , it's a good idea to declare this in the body tag - this will set the :active for both link colors though.
You can choose between getting shot or hanged :-)

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